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Masonry is Our Passion

2006 marked the start of Simmons Masonry, bringing together a number of dedicated journeymen and apprentices with over 20 years of combined experience. We strive for seamless restoration of masonry buildings throughout Winnipeg and surrounding areas, as well as applying masonry products to new home construction in our growing city.

In addition to new construction, we are able to rejuvenate older homes with the application of brick or cultured stone bringing them into the 21st century. We can also transform the interior of homes through the installation of accent walls using brick or cultured stone.

Presently, our clientele includes a number of large property management groups such as Sussex Realty, as well as a number of custom homebuilders.

Our Mission

Our mission is to beautify homes and businesses through the expert installation of masonry while striving for seamless restoration of historical buildings in the city of Winnipeg and surrounding areas.

Warranty Information

We offer a 1 Year Limited Labour & Materials Warranty while taking pride in quality workmanship.

COR Certified

When you’re building something that’s going to stand the test of time, it better look great and it better work. It had also better be built safely, which is why we not only believe in operating with full honesty and integrity, but we’re also now COR Certified to ensure greater jobsite safety than ever before.

What is COR Certification? The COR (Certificate of Recognition) is the ultimate accreditation to verify companies that have implemented a comprehensive health and safety program. This certification is nationally trademarked and is endorsed by members of the Canadian Federation of Construction Safety Associations, including the Construction Safety Association of Manitoba.

What does COR Certification mean for me? With Simmons Masonry now COR Certified, we’re placing an even greater focus on jobsite safety, which means an even safer working environment for our employees and lower liability risk for you.

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We are available to work on jobs of any scope and size, so contact us today for a free renovation, restoration or construction estimate.