Beautiful brickwork and mortar matching

Why Simmons

The Simmons Masonry Advantage

Like all of the great masons who came before us, we believe in mastering our craft and offering a quality product. When you're building something that's going to stand the test of time, it better look great and it better work.

We operate with full integrity and honesty, and ensure that every member of our team is personable and professional. We are capable, skilled, knowledgeable and our problem-solving skills have helped us build a strong reputation here in Winnipeg and beyond.

We offer fair, competitive pricing, and we won't keep you waiting around to start a job. We have a large growing team, and we are readily available to meet your timelines, no matter how strict.

We offer more than masonry, we offer an exceptional experience. That's a promise.

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We are available to work on jobs of any scope and size, so contact us today for a free renovation, restoration or construction estimate.